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June 6, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Our Theme Song

Everybody needs a place. But for our team, you need to audition. This takes skill, ability, and most of all a hungry heart to at least get through the first few heats. Then it comes down to stretching your ability to learn and strive for perfection. If you’re ready to experience the “Family of the Greatest Show” Please fill out this form. We’ll file your request, and let you know when and where auditions are being held.

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Let’s Dream with our Eyes Wide Open!!!

The Greatest Showman from 20th Century Fox has been a powerful inspiration to (Christoph -Shows- Carter) and I am proud to give them credits for the masterpiece of the videos shown on YouTube. I do not own these videos, however, I thank them for adding them to YouTube video so that others can enjoy. They are an inspiration to people everywhere and have motivated me in tremendous ways to do what I do. Thank you 20th Century Fox and all affiliates. Thank you to all the performers, and the extra 110% put into this film and music.
Christoph (Shows) Carter

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