Crowd Funding

"If you have nothing - Invent Something, and MAKE IT BIG! "


Crowd Funding


We’re looking to raise $100,000 to get together a “Tiger Team” in order to create quality technological stage shows to be shown in venues such as Las Vegas, Broadway, and Cruise Ships. There’s a tier break down showing full requirements in the “Requirements” heading.

The Why

There are many reasons why we at Christoph Shows ENT feel that shows like the ones he’s designed will be either equal or a little ahead of some of the finest shows. But before we go into the details of how we’re doing it, and what his shows are about, there’s been a real reason why Christoph has created, written, designed, produced, and dedicated the last 7 years to put it all together.

Christoph is an expat who temporarily moved to Ukraine in 2012 to investigate a change in lifestyle. While there, he met and married a wonderful lady whom he spent the last 6 years with and now has a now 6-year-old son. Inside the time of his stay, “Life” happened as it usually does, and the war in 2014 not long after his son was born in Ukraine brought a full scale of changed plans. Through thick and thin Christoph endeavored to work on projects that made extra money to keep income in the bank for his new family, but while the war and the European Union demanded more money from the country of Ukraine, funds were becoming scarce because of the fluctuating economy. Discrimination and debauchery towards him and his family happened every day by Ukrainians who saw Christoph and his family as representatives of America. The reasons varied from simply being American, to the world events and the war in the east that was happening. Many Ukrainians still claim to be Russian. With all the bad propaganda about Americans locals were listening to, he still held strong to his goals. His mother-in-law was sick, father-in-law was getting very old. It was then that Christoph decided to dedicate himself to a plan to use everything he knew to forge ahead, create a good life, and home to his family and bring them all to the USA. Still, odds were against him doing anything more than simple copywriting for foreign clients, and voice work (Voice Over) as well. “I’ve been doing well enough to just get by with the bills with very little in savings,” says Christoph. In 2015 his mother-in-law passed away due to complications of her sickness. Towards the end of 2017 his wife’s brother passed away, and in January 2018, Christoph’s father-in-law passed away due to complications with cancer.

As a retired international security professional, Christoph knew that at last resort he can go back to the profession of international security, however, it would be devastating to the family if somehow he was killed in the process as his wife doesn’t work. The maximum she could hope to bring in as a computer or data input specialist would be $125.00 per month as wages have been terribly degraded by the government.

Christoph took action and studied some of his old creative talents before his career began in upper types of security. He began to study theater, and live shows. This lead to the talent of story development, scriptwriting, and music configuration. Christoph endeavored to learn it all again. Artists like Franco Dragone (Wynn Casino’s “Le Reve”), and the Cirque Du Soleil groups that have developed amazing shows, and produced them on phenomenal stages all over the world were the ones Christoph focused on because of the dynamic presentations they showed audiences, as well as have had a proven track record for years.

Christoph being born into the “X” Generation, saw something in these shows that was missing. An element of technology that has not been used or seen yet. This element could bring new crowds into a casino auditorium, theme park, and big show venues such as Broadway.

He plans to put the right technology teams together specialized well enough to create just the type of “hook” that brings in the kind of people that love to see entertainment come to life, as well as being immersed with new technology. Traditional theater and show crowds will enjoy the new concepts of shows that people can sink their teeth into. Now, Christoph believes that the best live show created is in his plans and sketches just waiting to be produced.

The Song “A Million Dreams” explains part of the “Why”.


The Team

Christoph (Shows) Carter intends to bring together a “Tiger Team” consisting of green screen technology masters, Video mappers, story technicians, and imaging specialists that will be the core workers who will add to the creation of the fabulously colored, amazingly technological shows that Christoph believes audiences are waiting for. It’s a new level of AWESOME that shifts the paradigm of “Live Stage”, and an element of effects not yet experienced. Though some live shows have gotten close to Christoph’s designs, still there are a few newer levels that have room for exploration but the secrets to this technology are under wraps by Christoph. Technological creations will be directed by Christoph. You can be sure he will push those limits to the point of creating more amazing technology in order to further immersive entertainment when the “Tiger Teams” are in place. At that point, it’s about audience experience and enjoyment.


The Tiger Team personnel requirement has a very tall demand in a full-blown working staff. This cost is $978.200 for the first year.

If we were to use ONLY essential personnel needed for the first year the cost would be $678.139 to create the effects for our shows.

We’re only asking for the presentation team costs for now because the forwarding profit from selling our services may differ from the balancing costs of the entire team. This would include V/R gaming specialists, program developers, projection mapping, computer technician, It Specialist, V/R content Producer, and marketing professionals who specialize in presenting to premier clients.

The total funds we’re looking for is $50,000 for a 3-6 month period of time.

$50,000 will get us started inside of 3 months making presentations to Casinos, Cruise Ship Companies, Theme Parks, and Live Venue Show places (Example: Las Vegas, Broadway, New York).

Filling 1,000 seats for one show alone would profit $414,375 when it is fully produced. We plan on putting on two shows per day when it is ready to go.

We’ll also be planning to seek investors after all initial needs are met. The core development of our shows will be made up of the most recent technology invented. Soon after the first show is completely finished and produced on stage, our own teams will be working on inventing more technology for the stage poising Christoph Shows in a good position for the future of technological stage shows. There are at this time, 8 shows in the beginning stages of planning.

Payback for actual investors:

Payback details for actual investors looking to fund as a profit venture will be discussed by contacting Christoph directly –

For the investor:

All monies invested up to $300.00 will gain honorable mentions on the website

Early Bird Donations beginning at $5,000 receive:

  • Lifetime membership with Christoph Shows ENT. any show with a Gold Plated transferable ticket.


$301 – $5,000

  • Necklace with a pendant of one of our planned, current, or past shows

$5,001 – $10,000

  • Receive an “I support Christoph Shows Ent.” T-Shirt with a classic emblem from one of the shows in progress, or of the past from Christoph Shows.
  • A customized plastic card allowing the holder to get into up to 10 free shows at any time and anywhere the show is on stage.

$10,001 – $20,000

Receive an “I supported Christoph Shows Ent.” T-Shirt with a classic emblem from one of the shows in progress, or of the past from Christoph Shows.

Offered non-voting shares of stock (Amount TBA)



$21,001 – $50,000

Two gold plated lifetime transferable tickets to any of Christoph Shows productions anywhere just make reservations as directed on our productions calendar from our website.

Wrapped in an iconic box for collectors, each ticket will come with its own registered identification marking its authenticity. It will be registered with the Christoph Shows database of Golden Ticket holders.

The ticket can be transferred to a friend, passed down, and inherited without a problem.

– The first notice of pre-IPO announcements
– Offered an opportunity to be involved with the IPO
– Offered an opportunity to be voted into the Members Board
– Non-voting shares of stock. (Amount TBA)

Christoph Shows ENT is not an actual company, corporation, or entity yet, but this is the intended name of the corporation.


The Greatest Showman from 20th Century Fox has been a powerful inspiration to (Christoph -Shows- Carter) and I am proud to give them credits for the masterpiece of the videos shown on YouTube. I do not own these videos, however, I thank them for adding them to YouTube video so that others can enjoy. They are an inspiration to people everywhere and have motivated me in tremendous ways to do what I do. Thank you 20th Century Fox and all affiliates. Thank you to all the performers, and the extra 110% put into this film and music.

Christoph (Shows) Carter