Giving Back

"If you have nothing - Invent Something, and MAKE IT BIG! "

Giving back to our Community


There are more than 12,000 homeless people in Las Vegas Nevada.


Christoph Shows will be teaming up with Chris Voice Live and other organizations to help alleviateĀ the problems of the homeless communities by helping to make sure they have some food, as well as education. Other organizations offer shelter and other basic needs. We simply wish to do our part in helping. We’re making plans that when we’re up and running to “Give Back” where we can. This is only our first step.

We’ll be putting up a soup kitchen as soon as plans allow, as well as later a plan for homeless veterans. Christoph Shows is a veteran and this part itself, is a heartfelt project for him.

On the streets, there are no friends.

People on the streets live on only a few things, survival and hope. Many times we hear about injuries or deaths that happen in the areas of homeless, and sometimes the news can hit hard on relatives, but others simply turn the channel.





It’s everyone’s responsibility who can help, but the bottom line is that not many do. Some who try hard enough to just stay above the homeless level are struggling themselves not to end up on the streets. We pledge one thing to the community… Where we can help, we will. If you’d like to help your community of homeless people pleaseĀ feel free to donate. Even if it’s only a dollar, every little bit helps.

If you’d like to be involved in knowing where and what your donations are going to be used for, please sign up for our newsletters. After your donation is sent, a page will come up with a contact form that you can sign up for our newsletters.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and their stomachs.