Kinds of Shows

"If you have nothing - Invent Something, and MAKE IT BIG! "

When you think of a show like Cirque Du Soleil, you may think that they are the only ones who this type (though there really are several kinds they do. Cirque Du Soleil began a trend lasting the for the last 40 years, and still moving forward to this day. We step our stories up a bit and bring more pizazz to performances. We use the progression of our innovative planning in stage performance taking your performance a few steps further.  In this section, we go through the most common types of loved shows without giving away OUR secrets.

  1. Circus Acts

Lots of people doing lots of things from humor, acrobatic tricks, to other variants of things not staying to any kind of plot, or story. Simply a variety show designed to create charismatic involvement, and anticipation with the audience.

2. Cirque Show

A well organized and well orchestrated well performed performance, keeping with a vague plot, but not defined to the point where everything is explained as a reason for having it in the performance. It’s simply a classical artistic cirque entertainment piece. This show is designed to bring the audience into another world, and astound/amaze them even after it’s over. It usually leaves a lasting impression of great enthusiasm.


3. Defined Storytelling

This type of show is well thought out, performed and produced. It has a beginning, middle, and ending easily understood. This show is designed to create enthusiasm and thrill an audience while at the same time pull them into the story and character concerns to link all events in the story together that lead to an explosive, emotional, or happy ending. (Sometimes all three.) This kind of show begins the differentiation between traditional theater shows, and big production shows.

4.Technologically Produced Performances

This type of show contains all elements of the first 3 shows listed:


Circus acts

Cirque show

Defined Storytelling


A technologically produced performance is a certain brand of art that accommodates and blends in each kind of performance in its own unique venue with true composition. The technology is created with the use of various tools giving the performance a “Flare”.


Lighting (mood, scene set, and other)

Video Screen

New technology set for performance and audience immersion and Enhancement value


Halo Screens

Performance Enhanced Materials/Mechanisms