"If you have nothing - Invent Something, and MAKE IT BIG! "


Making your current show better is a great possibility. Sometimes all that needs to be done is a few tweaks, sometimes it’s a full overall redo. Whatever the case, Christoph Shows Ent. Is ready to revamp your show to make your audience “WOW” again.

Show Reconstruction

This happens in a few different stages.

Discovery Stage

We look at your show in its current condition. This may include taking a video of your performance. We evaluate each piece of it from the way it’s presented, to how the actors are performing, script, music, lighting, and all other parts that make the show flow the way it was originally meant to flow. We also look at how your show is being marketed and bring up possible solutions as to how to gain more awareness to your audience.

Trouble Shooting

We search for areas in your show that have caused problems in story, audience, duration of your show, market, size of the venue, and type of audience. We come up with possible innovative solutions for each problem.


If a reorganization is needed, we go through the full production with a fine tooth comb and use a step by step methodology system to evaluate what you have so far and go from there. We recreate, reorganize, and put together a show you can be proud of.

Reconfigure and Reconstruct

When a show is losing an interested audience, it can be because it has run its course or other reasons. Reconfigure and Reconstructing a show can revitalize it bringing a new presentational value to the audience. Christoph Shows Ent. teams dig deeper and evaluates, interviews, and uses a hands-on approach to what’s actually happening to gain solutions as to how to renew, and re-engage your audience.

Every show can be reinvented and redefined. Knowing where the problems are, and fixing them to a possible updated position in your market is what many of your customers may be looking for. That’s what Christoph Shows Ent. can do for you.

Active Hand-on Producers and Production
The Christoph Shows teams work together creating from the ground up your show taking it from the page to production and curtain call.

Stage and Platform Reconstruction/Consultation
At times, the show can demand a reconstruction of venue. We go carefully through the details, and bring in the right teams to have an active look at how the impossible can be done on a budget. Whether it’s an adjustment or major construction, we can make it possible with proper approval from our clients.